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Exploring More Unusual Careers: Ultrasonic Test Technician

Some careers can be kind of fun. Take ultrasonic testing, for one. This is a job where you spend most of your days blasting materials and objects with ultrasonic waves to see if the materials or objects hold up, fall apart, or explode. If this sounds like a career that may interest you, then maybe you should look into ultrasonic testing training. Here are some of the really cool things you will learn and do during training and while on the job.

Testing the Metal Hull of a Freezing Cold Spaceship

Before the first space probes were launched, no one knew anything about space. They assumed it might be cold, they theorized it might be a vacuum, and they were never certain if any metals could stand up in space. That is where ultrasonic testing came in quite handy.

Now, every metal hull of every spaceship is tested for integrity by first freezing the metal to the temperature found in space, and then blasting the metal with ultrasonic waves. If it does not work, the hull splits into pieces. If it does work, the hull will not crack under the pressure of the ultrasonic waves. Meanwhile, while you conduct these adult science fair projects, you get paid.

Testing the Durability of a New Man-Made Building Material

As an ultrasonic testing technician, you may get to work on a lot of hush-hush projects, such the testing of a new man-made building material. The company that spent hours in its research labs will want to know how the material stands up to forces unseen. That is your department; you will end up testing this material with ultrasonic waves to find out the durability of the material before the manufacturer goes to production. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out just when and how the material will crack or explode, and then file a report on your findings.

Reading the Thickness of an Atom Bomb's Protective Shell

The bomb is not active, of course, since the ultrasonic waves you use in your work could accidentally set off the bomb. The goal here is to examine the thickness of the hull of the shell of the bomb to see if it can contain the explosive components just long enough for the bomb to be delivered to its target. The goal is to construct a shell that will not and cannot be destroyed before the bomb hits the target. Scary, but fascinating stuff is all in a day's work for ultrasonic testing technicians.

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Some careers can be kind of fun. Take ultrasonic testing, for one. This is a job where you spend most of your days blasting materials and objects with